Jojo • He/They • 23


Hello, I'm Jojo and I'm an animator / illustrator. I graduated from KCAI and my passions are creating / designing characters, animating but I also enjoy things like crocheting, cooking, and playing lots of video games!

what do I use :

• Clip studio paint with a Inspiroy Q11k Huion tablet
• iPad pro 9.5 and apple pencil
• procreate for the iPad
• watercolor / crayola color pencils

Other stuff about me :

• I'm Afro-latino
• I'm Trans masc / non-binary and Bi
• I love MGS, Kingdom Hearts, Bayonetta, Okami,
Cookie run, JJBA, Sonic, Devilman,
Sly cooper, Wakfu + more
• I play League of Legends too much
• I just really like video games

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